Mapmaking in R with Choroplethr

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Course description

This course will get you immediately creating statistical maps in R using the choroplethr package. After taking this course you will be able to:

  1. Conduct exploratory analysis using maps in R
  2. Create 220 different maps, from US ZIP Codes to Countries of the world
  3. Map your own data
  4. Understand the limitations of visualizing data with maps

The lessons consist of videos with downloadable code samples. The 220 maps are:

  • US States, Counties, ZIP Codes (ZCTAs) and Census Tracts (California only)
  • A World map (171 countries)
  • State / Province maps (Administrative Level 1 Maps) of 215 countries

Happy Student Guarantee: If you buy the course, watch the videos, and do not find the content valuable, then I will give you a refund.

Ari Lamstein
Ari Lamstein

Ari Lamstein is a software engineer and data analyst in San Francisco, California. He is the author of several popular R packages, including Choroplethr. He has spoken internationally on mapping demographic statistics in R.

Course Curriculum

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Installing the Software FREE
A Simple Map FREE
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Exploratory Data Analysis
Boxplots and Summaries
Reference Maps
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United States Maps
State Choropleths: Background
State Choropleths: Examples
County Choropleths: Background
County Choropleths: Examples
ZIP Code Choropleths: Part 1
ZIP Code Choropleths: Part 2
ZIP Code Choropleths: Part 3
California Census Tract Choropleths: Background
California Census Tract Choropleths: Examples
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International Maps
Country Maps: Background
Country Maps: Examples
Administrative Level 1 Maps: Background
Administrative Level 1 Maps: Examples
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Getting Help
Data Sources
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Reviews (2)

Well worth it.

by Charles Smith
I found out about Ari Lamstein's courses when I attended a webinar he gave recently. This course is informative and very well paced and presented. Ari also gives you a wealth of resources for projects that will use choroplethr and for future self training. I highly recommend it if you are working with maps in R.

Clearly marked road map for learning how to map data.

by John Beltrami
Well thought out teaching plan. Easy to follow video. Even pace allowed me to digest underlying R code and data concepts. I was somewhat familiar with R before this course, but I picked-up some tips on basic techniques that I found helpful aside from mapping. I was a complete neophyte regarding Choroplethr before, but now feel confident about employing Choroplethr in my next mapping project.